Micro Dependability (Microdep)

The goal of the project is to document and improve the quality of the global Internet to benefit our users. We are using novel data analysis methods in detecting and helping Network Operation Centers(NOCs) to correct faults in inter domain routing operations.

Microdep is an Internet quality measurement framework and operative measurement series covering Sikt network(Uninett) and The global research networks.

The measurements are covering inter domain issues that are normally not addressed by each operator themselves. There are more than 8000 different autonomous systems(operator numbers) in global routing.

  • We are using high frequency measurements - up to 100 packets per second and in that way we are able to capture the dynamics of rerouting and queue buildups that occur in the network.
  • We have introduced an innovation in network measurements by applying Big Data analytics to find events and summarize to see the big picture.
  • We are able to measure availability at unprecedented accuracy i.e. at the level of 5 nines (SLA).

Present participants are University of Auckland, the Research Networks:
AARNET, Switch, Nordunet, RNP(Brasil), Sunet, CESNET, REDIRIS, Sikt/Uninett.

World map with an overview of the network

Foto: Availability indications map:

The DragonLab confederation

 The DragonLab confederation was an cooperative initiative between NRENs, Cernet, NORDUnet and Sikt, with relations to the DRAGON-Lab project managed by Network Research Center of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China starting back in 2008.

The goals for the confederation were

  • Measure the end-to-end quality of traffic between members in the confederation
  • Measure the micro dependability of routing and interact with network operations to diagnose problems.
  • Promote data sharing with research to help understanding the Internet

How to join?

If you would like to host a node in these measurements, let us know !

The easiest way to get the software is with Linux Debian or Ubuntu. Just find a system (Arm or Intel) with 4GB of memory and install the software. Let us know the ip-address and a suitable name of your system(DNS), and you could be operational by next day as measurements restart every midnight.

How to set up for Ubuntu bionic:

wget -O- http://apt.uninett.no/uninett_apt.gpg | apt-key add -

apt-add-repository 'deb [arch=amd64] http://apt.uninett.no/ubuntu bionic main'

apt update && apt install mp-dragonlab

We have Debian buster, bullseye and stretch and Ubuntu focal and  bionic.



Kvittem, Olav
Measuring micro-Dependability
RIPE 79, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 14.10.2019

Kvittem, Olav
Micro Dependability Measurements
IRTF, MAPRG, IETF-104 in Prague, 28.03.2019


Kvittem, Olav
The web is sluggish because routing sucks ;-)


Kvittem, Olav
Stroboscope on the Internet
NORDUnet Technical Workshop 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark, 22.09.2015